Saturday, 13 December 2008

Russian Shopping Website Loves Nikita Sablier!

Excuse the long web address - but this way you'll get the translated version!

To quote :

"After the death of the legendary queen of American erotic photo Betty Page, left an army of admirers of her sexy style a la 60's, style, full of longing and desire........Vintage dresses of different styles in the style of Bettie Page at quite democratic prices you can buy in small shops scattered around the world....... Miracle Mile Shops (Las Vegas Blvd, 900). In London, worth a look to see Nikita (Nikita Sablier) in a small shop retro things (Kingly Court, Carnaby Street),  "

I love the idea of being a small shop scattered around the world!! :-)

RIP Bettie! :-)
You will be well remembered and admired at Nikita Sablier!

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