Monday, 30 August 2010

Mini Group Shoot

I spent this Bank Holiday weekend with good friends, good food and plenty of alcohol, but we also managed to squeeze in a few photo shoots with old favourite stock and some new pieces too!

I modelled in our ever popular Red Jazmin Dress :

Firstly "Doll Style" with Richard Lund Photography :

And then pretty pin up style with new photographer Lighthouse Photography :

Richard Lund also shot the gorgeous model Button in one of our overbust corsets :

And the beautiful Claire in one of our underbusts (topless shot - NSFW) :

I'm sure there'll be plenty more shots to follow but the weekend is only just over so I'm very pleased to be sharing these already!

Hope you are had a productive weekend!

Nikki - Nikita Sablier

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ella De Vine Shoot

Ella DeVine was a delight to work with - she worked really hard to achieve some stunning shots including something a little bit different with our Gold Timore & Asspley nipple tassels! Thanks to Geetee Photography too and check out some of the images below!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Miss Pixie Shoot

We shot with the ever gorgeous Miss Pixie last week to get some new stock online and she was a delight!
Here's a sneak pic of some of the new delights we have in our online boutique!

Shipmate Flare Dress:

Our ever popular Lucy Blouse is now available in Navy or Red!

Plus much much more....

Thanks Pixie for a fabulous day!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Diner Photoshoot

The gorgeous Leanne wanted to borrow a bright pink corset for a shoot in a diner and we had just the thing!

Thanks to Leanne and to Nandi at
They look amazing! x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Festival of Sins Flyers!

We had great fun shooting promotional material for Festival of Sins last month! Nikita Sablier were among the designers and boutiques chosen to dress the beautiful models for each of the seven deadly sins! Photography was by the talented Adam Robertson of Team Binkertson and the Studio was provided by Technical Boy.
The models included Madame Bink, Anita De Bauch, Ella DeVine, Roswell Ivory, Boykitten, Dee Bee, Easy Tiger, Noam Zabari and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone but tell me if I have and will add a link! 

Festival of Sins are moving their night to a bigger and better club in October so it was only right they re-vamped the promo posters and flyers to promote things!

I'll blog each new sin leaflet as it's released when featuring Nikita Sablier!

But in the meantime here's a sneak peek of some of the promotional posters so far - we saw these on display at the last event at the Purple Turtle over the weekend and they looked fabulous!

Roswell Ivory(far right) wears our Illusion Girdle in Black.

Ella DeVine(kneeling on the right), wears Librarian Black Dress and White Mesh Top

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Nikita Sablier now a member of Qype's Business Council

Nikita Sablier are one of 10 businesses invited to be a part of Qype's Business Council.

The Qype Business Council will consist of a group of 10 business owners. They will have their business in different industries and will have had different experiences in using Qype and will get involved in any current development projects, give feedback on current products & services, give suggestions on what they would like to see on the site, etc…Any new features, any new gadgets & other funky mobile stuff that Qype choose to develop will have the full involvement of the Business Council!

You can read our profile and interview by the Qype Team here :

And I'll keep you all up to date on any of the new developments as they happen!

Monday, 9 August 2010

1950's Business Community on Qype!

I've started a guide to the 1950's on Qype. You can visit and add to my guide here:

I'd love feedback on this and any recommended places you've visited that you feel should also be added to the guide!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Managing Social Networking!

I'm finally starting to get my head around all these technologies that I should be using to keep you guys in touch with the latest news at Nikita Sablier!

You've probably heard rumours that we're opening a new store - and they are true! We've found premises just off Baker Street in London, and hope to be opening in mid-September but I'll keep people posted of the latest details.

I've written the first of a new bi-monthly newsletter, you can view a copy here :
Or if you'd like to subscribe and recieve this in your email, please register via our home page at
I'll be adding news, reviews, quotes, jokes and competitions to future newsletters so it's worth subscribing!

I've also joined all the social networking sites I can think of so you can stalk me on the following!!/pages/London-United-Kingdom/Nikita-Sablier/52651145900?ref=ts&__a=7&ajaxpipe=1

If I've missed something that you'd like to see us on, please get in touch!

Nikki xx